Inside the Encinitas Business Exchange

We are a group of owners and managers dedicated and committed to expanding their businesses through the ongoing exchange of qualified referrals. As a club, our goal is to help expand each member’s business though the weekly exchange of qualified referrals.

Productive Partnerships

Our members build productive relationships with each other leading to deep trust and abundance of qualified referrals — on average, about 35 referrals given each and every week.

Strong Foundation

Encinitas Business Exchange has been going strong since 1990

Weekly Meet Ups

EBX meets every Wednesday from 7–8 a.m. at Casa Di Bandini (1901 Calle Barcelona at The Forum in Carlsbad) for breakfast and to discuss a topic that makes everyone’s business more productive plus opportunities to present their companies.

The Encinitas Business Exchange (EBX) is a fun, professional group of business owners and managers who understand how networking really works. There are NO CORPORATE RULES or fines as found in many other networking groups.

Many of the members have been attending for over 20 years which is a testament to EBX’s power and effectiveness. It is important for you to attend each meeting but it is understood that an occasional absence occurs.

Our experience will bring your business to the next quality level!